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Custom Baja Adventures

We'll help you create an unforgettable adventure catered to your needs!

Create Your Own Baja Excursion

Want to discover Baja, California your way? Book your flight to Baja and leave the rest to us.

We have sea kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkels and masks for ocean adventures. We also have camping gear and a big 4×4 truck to haul it all in! Want to go on a Baja spearfishing adventure? We can include cooks to prepare your fresh catch for a delicious meal.

So, book with us and paddle, snorkel and explore the pristine blue waters of Baja, Mexico with the most experienced and knowledgeable guides available. We can plan a mix of relaxation, fun, and adventure on the water and off. Let us know what kind of adventure you’re looking for!