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Spearfishing on La Ruca

Come aboard the La Ruca and enjoy a full day of unforgettable spearfishing.

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Full Boat Charter

Baja Spearfishing Adventures Aboard La Ruca

If you want to take in a full day of spearfishing in the waters of Southern Baja, the expertise of the crew on the La Ruca can’t be beat! Our 12 years of experience make us the best fishing guides in the area, and we are eager to help you have the best Baja fishing experience.

Our La Ruca spearfishing trips generally cruise around the offshore banks of the Pacific side of Baja up to Magdalena Bay, the remote islands north of La Paz, and the East Cape for wahoo, dorado, yellowtail, marlin, and yellowfin tuna. And if the fish move? We’ll do everything we can to track them down so you have the best day of spearfishing possible!

Want the trip catered to meet your specific needs? The crew of La Ruca are happy to customize your spearfishing experience to the best of their abilities.

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