Fishing Thetis and 23 out of Mag Bay

We spent this last weekend out of Lopez Mateos fishing reefs and the offshore blue water of Thetis.  We cruised out through the boca on our new boat, El Pegasito, and checked out some 40ft reefs alive with grouper, snapper, and pargo.  By sunset we were anchored up and getting a ride via panga to a local's palapa.  We drank beers and made ceviche and grilled pargo.  We returned to the boat to get to sleep so we could get an early start the next day.  Before sunrise we were cruising out to Thetis.  We fished by line hooking up some tuna before deciding to get in the water for some spearfishing.  We must have seen 30 wahoo cruising at only 30 feet deep as we did drift dives over the pinnacles.  We said "okay, this will be the last dive of today" probably seven times and after each dive we figured we could squeeze one more in.  We eventually and reluctantly returned after a long and fun day of fishing.