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22′ Panga

Fish the best waters on the Pacific side of Baja on a local 22' Panga.

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A Day of Baja Fishing Aboard a 22′ Panga

Looking to enjoy a day of fishing in the Pacific waters of Baja, Mexico? We can easily set you up with a local 22′ Panga outboard skiff! We have been working over a decade in this area to provide you with the very best local captains who know these waters second to none!

Fish for many local varieties in the beautiful Pacific Ocean, like yellowtail, grouper, snapper, and more. You never know what kind of wildlife you might see around the area.

Reserve your 22′ Panga for a fun day of Baja fishing. Book now!

Please note that these trips are available out of Punta Lobos, Pacific side.