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Watch Whales and Wildlife on La Ruca

Explore the waters off of Punta Lobos for whales and other amazing species of wildlife.

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Wildlife and Whale Watching in Baja

Want to see whales and other wildlife in the southern waters of Baja, Mexico? Then join us for an unforgettable adventure to see the world’s largest marine mammals: whales! Depending on the time of year you might get to see whales on their migration to Alaska! You might even be able to see the mighty Orca killer whales as they prowl off the beaches of Cabo in search of food.

With 12 years of experience exploring these waters, the La Ruca crew also leads you on a search for dolphins, seals and several species of birds, in addition to whales. But undoubtably the highlight of these trips is spotting humpback whales when they’re breaching, flipper slapping or tail lobbing! So be sure to grab your camera to capture this unforgettable adventure!

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Please note that these trips are available out of Punta Lobos, Pacific side.