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7-Day Spearfishing Trip

Enjoy a full week of spearfishing alongside our seasoned experts with this all-inclusive adventure!

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Full Week of Spearfishing in Southern Baja

Looking for the Baja spearfishing adventure of a lifetime? Our most popular all-inclusive trip gives you the best opportunity to see and explore the best of Baja. Usually, we fish and dive on one side of the peninsula for several days, then take a rest day to relax, surf, explore town, fillet and more before we launch our boat again to see what the other side of the peninsula has to offer.

Much like our five-day trip, all of the same amenities and services are included, such as camping equipment should you decide to spend a night out under the stars! This week-long trip will give us the chance to go more remote, as well as increasing our odds of ideal weather and conditions to get you the fish of a lifetime!

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